Federal Reserve Bank of California

950 S. Grand Avenue

Los Angeles, 90015

Time: 9:15am

End of the Fed Tours This is our last chance to tour the Fed, as it appears that they are ending the tour programs for good.  Join us.

There are some places few of us have been and other places that are nearly impossible to get into.  The Federal Reserve Bank in Los Angeles is both.  These tours are only provided by reservation, only to groups and only during the workday.  But This program is coming to an end, hence this may be your last opportunity to ever see the inside of the Fed and its Vault.

LA Fed Tour Description:  During the tour, your group will witness our cash operations and see the coin and cash supply for Las Vegas, Southern California, and Arizona. Visitors also get to try their hand at identifying counterfeit bills, see historic banknotes, and watch us shred the
nation’s unfit currency (up to $29 million per day).

What can people expect to see?

  • The Nations’s second largest cash vault
  • Millions in deposits being dropped off by armored couriers on behalf of Southern California and Las Vegas banks and credit unions,
  • High Tech counterfet detection
  • Laser Schredding
Talk, Q & A “Purposes and Functions of the Federal Reserve.”  The history, structure, role, and responsibilities of the Central Bank and will also take questions from the audiences. Attendees will leave the presentation with a clearer picture of the unique quasi-governmental structure of the Fed, the historic events that led to that structure; an understanding of current Fed leadership; recent evolutions in the payment industry; and the role of the Fed in the United States economy.


9:15 AM Airport style security check at the Federal Reserve, 950 So. Grand Ave.  Your ID must match the name you sign up with – or you won’t get in.  There is a metal detector, etc..

9:45 Federal Reserve Tour

11:10 Talk on what the Fed does

12:00 Depart for Lunch

12:30 Lunch at Drago Centro (525 S Flower St)– in the Vault room room of course  – Chef Ian Gresik prepares our 3 course lunch

After Lunch? Who knows?

Reserve your spot here: