Ferris Berkeley’s Day Off – August 11, 2011


Ferris Berkeley’s Day Off

“The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wasteoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude”

We all remember Ferris, we all know people like Ferris – always out having fun, getting to do things other people don’t get to do. Playing hookey – visiting museums, exploring the big city when he should be at school.

We could be at work. Or for one day, we could join Ferris Berkeley for a summer day off. Here’s our chance.  As in the words of the famous Ferris himself, “What’s one day?”

What day? Thursday August 11th. 9:30am -until Mom and Dad get home from work. Then we hit the bars. Well we aren’t in high school anymore, despite what we may think. We’re all adults. If we’re doing this, let’s do this right.

Of course some of you may not remember that Ferris said. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” and hence can’t play hookey for a full day.

What do we get to do on Ferris Berkeley’s Day Off?

Ferris and you will begin the day with a private tour of the Federal Reserve and Vault- not an easy place to get into – but you know Ferris – he can do anything.

Afterwards, a quick talk on economics from a representative of the Federal Reserve and not on Voodoo Economics – Anyone? . . . Anyone? .. . Anyone?

Then its time for lunch – we’ll walk up to Café Pinot and see if we can snag Abe Froman’s lunch reservation.  Of course that other Ferris – the one in the movie  – ate pancreas.  But we have a much more satisfying menu.

Then a tour of Disney concert hall, and a little exploration of downtown – maybe Grand Central market, Angel’s flight, the Bradbury building – who knows – Remember we’re exploring.

Of course Ferris also famously visited a museum – so we will as well – a short tour of MOCA’s Pop art collection.  And while Ferris ended his day in Chicago with a Parade (Danke Schoen and Shake It Up Baby)  we have art walk that night.
August 11th: Ferris Berkeley’s Day Off

9:45 AM Airport style security check at the Federal Reserve, 950 So. Grand Ave.  Your ID must match the name you give Ferris – or you won’t get in.  There is a metal detector, etc..

10:00 Federal Reserve Tour

11:10 Talk on what the Fed does (Anyone?. . . Anyone?)

12:00 Depart for Lunch

12:15 Lunch at Café Pinot – Chef Kevin Meehan (He just won the Extreme Chef challenge on TV – see bio at bottom of page) prepares our 3 course lunch

2:00 Tour of Walt Disney Concert Hall

3:00 Explore Downtown

5:00 Tour of MOCA’s Warhol and Pop art exhibits

6:00 Art walk begins – we explore at our leisure.

When you go home – Who knows?

Ticket Option #1 – Hell Yea I’m in for the whole Day.  $50 (Best Deal)

Ticket Option #2 – I am more like Cameron – I sorta want to come for parts and leave when I feel like it and rejoin later. $75

Ticket Option #3   Federal Reserve only: Can’t play hookey all day – but I want in to the vault.   $35

Ticket Option #4   Make a donation for Ferris’s kidney operation – $1000

Ticket Option #5  Late Riser – I’ll still be sleeping, but would love to join from lunch onward $50

If you plan on attending, please purchase your ticket now! 


Chef Kevin Meehan at Café Pinot began his culinary career at a local restaurant in his hometown on Long Island, New York. During his studies at Johnson & Wales University, Kevin took an externship in Brussels at the Michelin-starred L’alban Chambon under French Master Chef Dominique Michou. After a few years after graduating, he moved out to Los Angeles and worked up the ranks at such celebrated restaurants as L’Orangerie and Bastide and later at Citrin where he was Executive Chef.  In  2005 he joined Patina Group as the Chef de Cuisine at Patina restaurant, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and Finally to Executive chef at Cafe Pinot.