WELCOME to the Los Angeles chapter of the Haas Alumni Network. Our goal is to support the Haas School of Business and serve Los Angeles-area alumni by providing opportunities to find, share and connect with fellow members of your Haas community.

Part of our chapter’s charter is to ensure that we host a variety of events that match the interests of our alumni. Through these unique events HAAS LA hopes to increase the value and importance of building relationships with alumni, current students, faculty, and staff. Our belief is that an engaged and responsive alumni community can in turn contribute to the strong brand equity of The Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley.

We are always eager to hear from you, and new members are always welcome! If you wish to participate on the LA Chapter’s Board, would like to offer feedback about a recent event, or have a question about a future event, please feel free to Contact Us.

Thanks for your continued support and Go Bears!